Installing A Swimming Pool? Here Are 4 Great Reasons To Opt For A Lap Pool

Traditionally, homeowners have followed their own personal tastes when choosing the look of their swimming pools. As such, anywhere you go you are bound to come across swimming pools of all sizes and shapes. Now this is all well and good. However, if you are about to install one and are looking for some design ideas, why not break from the mould and go for a lap pool? It's a great option with lots of advantages as seen below. [Read More]

When Local Matters | 3 Sharp Actions To Win A Plumbing Contract With A Gold Coast Hotel

Australia's Gold Coast is well known for its sun, sand and beach glory, so hotels are available aplenty in this tourist haven. With the number of hotels operating in the area, it's natural for them to face plumbing issues every once in a while. Take advantage of this job opportunity by properly equipping yourself with these actions to win a plumbing contract with a Gold Coast hotel.   Make Sure You Have The Right Licenses [Read More]

Three Ways Modernize Your Kitchen Using Glass

Using glass is an excellent way to modernize your kitchen. Toughened glass is strong and stylish, and will turn a bland kitchen into a room that really makes a statement. Choose from one or more of the ideas below. Including more glass in your design plans will create a kitchen that's eye-catching and unique, a real talking point when hosting dinner parties or entertaining guests. Less glass adds a subtle modern touch, without being overwhelming. [Read More]

Prevention, Unclogging and Calling the Pros: A Three-Part Strategy to Dealing With Hair Clogs

Hair clogs can cause serious drainage issues. However, unless you like a super-short cut, hair clogs are almost inevitable, and, as a homeowner, you need to know how to handle them. Avoiding and dealing with hair clogs deserves a three-part strategy: preventing, unclogging and knowing when to call the pros. Here's a closer look: Prevention Preventing hair clogs needs a two-part approach. The first part involves your hair, and the second part involves your drain. [Read More]