When Local Matters | 3 Sharp Actions To Win A Plumbing Contract With A Gold Coast Hotel

Australia's Gold Coast is well known for its sun, sand and beach glory, so hotels are available aplenty in this tourist haven. With the number of hotels operating in the area, it's natural for them to face plumbing issues every once in a while. Take advantage of this job opportunity by properly equipping yourself with these actions to win a plumbing contract with a Gold Coast hotel.  

Make Sure You Have The Right Licenses

Before gaining regular employment with a larger hotel establishment, make sure you have adequate qualifications and licenses because this is an important factor people will look into when employing a plumber for a job. The Plumbing Industry Council no longer exists and all plumbing licensing has been shifted to the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC). You can either apply for a restricted or occupational license. An occupational license allows you to perform all types of work without any supervision. A restricted license allows you to perform only a limited amount of work. Apart from plumbing licenses, you may also want to get drainage licenses because hotels will require all kinds of work on their premises. Getting the right licenses will make it easier for you to land a job with Gold Coast hotels.

Start Small And Work Your Way Upwards To Land A Frontline Contract

If you start vying for the big guns from the word go, chances are you'll come up short thanks to your lack of experience. The best opportunity to work your way up to frontline Gold Coast hotels is to start gaining experience by acquiring contracts with smaller, boutique hotels. This is a smart way to cut through the clutter because the more references and testimonials you have from satisfied clients, the better your chances at winning bigger contracts with the bigwig hotels in the city.

Build Your Expertise Around Common Hotel-Related Plumbing Problems

One of the biggest plumbing problems in the hotel industry is dealing with broken or clogged sewer mains because they are connected to hundreds of bathrooms in hotel rooms. This means that plenty of people are flushing things down the toilet, even when they shouldn't. A good idea would be to build your expertise in handling these types of problems, so that you can demonstrate it when pitching for a new Gold Coast plumbing contract. For instance, if you are pitching your business to a large hotel, then demonstrating your expertise in dealing with pressurised water jetting machines that clean clogged sewers can help you seal the deal.

Follow these sharp actions to win a plumbing contract with a Gold Coast hotel.