Installing A Swimming Pool? Here Are 4 Great Reasons To Opt For A Lap Pool

Traditionally, homeowners have followed their own personal tastes when choosing the look of their swimming pools. As such, anywhere you go you are bound to come across swimming pools of all sizes and shapes. Now this is all well and good. However, if you are about to install one and are looking for some design ideas, why not break from the mould and go for a lap pool? It's a great option with lots of advantages as seen below.

Unique design

For starters, lap pools have a unique look as far as domestic swimming pools are concerned. Most pools in people's homes feature square, oval, and other irregular shapes. On the other hand, lap pools have a very distinct shape. They are rectangular and have a small width that only holds about one or two lap lanes. The straight lines and sharp edges make them stand out with a look that is synonymous with contemporary style; a style which happens to be quite the in-thing at the moment.

Can fit over small spaces

Another great reason to have a lap pool installed in your backyard is because it takes up very little space. As stated earlier, lap pools are not big. With only one or two lap lanes to factor in, they take up a very small amount of space in terms of width. So even if you do not have much space to spare in your backyard, a lap pool will fit right in and leave space to spare. The only room you need to create is for the length of the pool.

Make the most of your pool

For most people, a swimming pool in the backyard is just another outdoor addition that people can lazy in and cool off under when relaxing or hanging out with friends and family. There's no problem with that. However, a lap pool has its name for a reason; its design is perfect for undertaking swimming laps across the pool. So if you install a lap pool, the design alone will encourage you to take your swimming more seriously, much to the benefit of your weight, your cardiovascular health, and your general fitness.

Can hold more people

This might sound untrue considering that lap pools are small, but they can actually accommodate more people during a casual gathering. That's because they have a very expansive perimeter thanks to their unique shape. And as you may well know, people tend to hang out around the edges of a pool during casual events. As such, a lap pool, despite being minimalistic, will still accommodate a party when need be.

Talk to a swimming pool contractor for more insights on lap pools. They can give you ideas on dimensions, costs, custom additions, and more.