What Major Issues Could a Building Surveyor Uncover?

When purchasing or selling a property, it is essential to have a building survey conducted by a professional. This will be a thorough inspection of the property to identify any issues or potential problems that could arise. What major issues could a building surveyor uncover during the survey?

Structural Defects

During the building survey, a surveyor will thoroughly inspect the home's structures, including the foundation, walls, roofs and floors. Structural defects are the most significant concerns as they can undoubtedly compromise the structural integrity of the building. They can include subsidence, bowing walls and sagging roofs. A surveyor will identify any defects and recommend appropriate repair works.

Dampness and Rotting

A building survey will also assess the property's damp and rot issues that could compromise the building's structural integrity. Damp and rot can arise due to water ingress, condensation or poor ventilation. These issues typically affect the property's timber structures, such as the floors, walls or roofs. A building surveyor will recommend appropriate corrective measures, such as repairing or replacing damaged timber or improving the ventilation.

Electrical Wiring and Plumbing Issues

Faulty electrical wiring and plumbing can pose safety hazards. Therefore, a building surveyor will inspect the electrical and plumbing systems in the property to determine their condition and identify any underlying issues. They will typically check the age and condition of the electrical wiring, the installation of the plumbing system and any visible damage.

Incorrect Conversions and Extensions

Some properties may have undergone previous renovations, conversions or extensions. However, some of these may not have been performed correctly, and this could affect the property's structural integrity, safety and value. A building surveyor can uncover any incorrect conversions or extensions and recommend appropriate corrective measures.


Asbestos is a dangerous material that was used widely in building construction in the past. However, it has since been discovered to cause harmful health effects. A building surveyor will look for signs of asbestos-containing materials in the property and recommend appropriate asbestos management or removal if needed.

What's Next?

Overall, a building survey is a crucial part of the property purchasing or selling process, as it can uncover any major issues and help you make an informed decision. The major issues that a building surveyor could uncover include structural defects, dampness and rot, electrical wiring, plumbing issues, incorrect conversions, extensions and asbestos. Don't hesitate to seek a reputable and experienced building surveyor to help you with your property survey needs to ensure that your investment is safe and secure.

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