Should You Replace the Seals Yourself on a Commercial Fridge?

When you rely on a number of refrigerators in a commercial environment, you must be very careful to ensure that they are working perfectly. After all, the consequences of spoiled food can be significant here, not like in your fridge at home, where you can simply throw out any spoiled milk. So, why do you need to pay close attention to one component in particular, and what action should you take if you discover an issue? 

Looking out for Problems

Some restaurants, cafes, or pubs rely on many individual fridge units to keep food and drink in perfect condition. One of the most vulnerable components here is the seal that runs around the edge of each door and is somewhat vulnerable to wear and tear.

Dealing with Faulty Seals

If a seal loses its efficiency, you will struggle to maintain an internal temperature, which can be disastrous. You may be unable to serve the product to your waiting clientele, and you may encounter a significant financial loss at the same time.

So, whenever you encounter a faulty seal, you must replace it quickly. However, this job can be fiddly, and it may not be advisable to tackle it yourself.

Taking on Too Much

Certainly, you can buy replacement seals for the make and model of your fridge, but will you have the tools necessary to remove the old one and fit the new one? Also, how long will it take you to do this work, especially if you have to go back and forth to a "how-to" guide that you'd found online?

Compounding Your Problem

Many of your fridges may be in full view of your clientele, especially if they are behind a bar or serving counter. It doesn't look good if you are struggling to fix the issue when others are looking on, and it may be far better to outsource work to a skilled contractor instead. Remember, the longer the fridge is switched off while you work on the door, the less money you earn from an asset. Also, you may not have the food or drink ready for expectant customers, which could lead to some reputational damage to boot.

Wasting Money

Sometimes, a DIY job can actually end up costing you more money, which may be the case here. After all, you can't afford to mess with product quality, and if you don't keep these products fresh, you may lose your safety rating with obvious consequences.

Outsourcing the Work

So, contact a skilled contractor as soon as possible at the first sign of a fridge seal issue.

Reach out to a commercial refrigeration repair company to learn more.