Three Ways Modernize Your Kitchen Using Glass

Using glass is an excellent way to modernize your kitchen. Toughened glass is strong and stylish, and will turn a bland kitchen into a room that really makes a statement. Choose from one or more of the ideas below. Including more glass in your design plans will create a kitchen that's eye-catching and unique, a real talking point when hosting dinner parties or entertaining guests. Less glass adds a subtle modern touch, without being overwhelming. Whichever you choose, your new kitchen is sure to sparkle.

Glass worktops

Available in a wide range of colors, glass worktops are an excellent choice if you're planning a complete kitchen makeover. The color you choose can set a theme for the rest of the room, and will help you to make other key design decisions. From a practical point of view, glass is extremely strong and durable - perfect if you do a lot of cooking. Unlike other worktops which will need to be replaced when damaged, scratches can be polished out of glass surfaces. Glass worktops will be shaped to fit exactly to your kitchen, so they can be made to accommodate existing sinks and appliances.

Glass cabinets

Cabinets with doors made from glass aren't just stylish - they're useful! You'll be able to see exactly what's inside, so there'll be no more searching for your favorite ingredients while cooking. If you don't want everything on display, then choosing frosted glass is a good option. White wood is a popular material for the body of the cupboard, as it brightens the room and doesn't draw attention away from the main features of your kitchen. Choose a darker wood for a look that's modern yet traditional, or go really futuristic with metallic accents.

Glass splashbacks

Glass splashbacks combine a wonderful contemporary look with some serious practical advantages. Glass is much easier to clean than tiles, given that there are no awkward gaps, crevices, or areas of sealant. The splashbacks can cover any size area, so you'll be able to put them exactly where needed to keep your walls protected. Looking at the condition of your current kitchen should give you a good idea of the areas that need coverage. The glass is made to be heat resistant, so there's no need for concern when placing it behind stovetops. You can choose from a range of colors - blue and green are popular subtle options, while red and purple can add a real splash of color and warmth to the room, perfect for entertaining.