4 Problems a Site Analysis Can Identify Before Your Home Is Designed

A site analysis is the detailed study of a location that you wish to develop by building a home or a commercial property. A site analysis is important because it can identify potential problems that are likely to be encountered during the construction of the desired property. Building designers can then find solutions to those problems so that you do not incur unnecessary costs later on. This article discusses some of the challenges that a site analysis can identify. [Read More]

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions About Recycling Post-Demolition Materials

When demolishing a home or building or tearing up any stretch of pavement, you may want to look into having the materials recycled. In some cases, you can reuse the same materials for your new construction; at the very least, recycling these materials keeps them out of landfills and reduces the amount of virgin materials that need to be harvested. Note a few questions you might have about recycling post-demolition materials and then talk to a specialty contractor about these options if you still have questions. [Read More]

What To Consider Before Venturing Into A Multi-Unit Development

Multi-unit developments are all the rage these days. A lot of people are putting up dual occupancy properties looking to maximise the use of their land and to rake in some passive income. If you are in the same position and are planning to set up a similar development, this article helps to provide you with a checklist which should indicate whether yours is a good plan or not. Planning permissions in your area [Read More]

Designing Your Home's Interiors? Here Are Some Things to Keep In Mind

When you move into a new home, chances are you will want that space to be a reflection of your personality and your own personal taste. It does not even have to be a new house. Maybe you moved into your current home a while ago but never got around to changing the interior design that you found. The good news is interior design can be done whenever you decide that it is time to, hiring architects and designers as needed to help you along the way. [Read More]