Factors to Consider Before You Start Renovating Your House

If you are a fan of watching television, have you realised the sudden increase in home renovation programs? These programs seem to be on every other channel, encouraging people to renovate their houses and upgrade to current living standards. Sadly, these programs can distort an individual's perspective of what a real home renovation entails, especially the time and expenditure used to carry out the entire renovation process. Therefore, if you love your house and the neighbourhood you live in, it is important to remember several imperative factors before you commence on the renovation process of your house. [Read More]

Copper, PVC, and Galvanised Pipes Compared

There are a great number of materials used for plumbing supplies today. One of the most frequent questions asked about plumbing materials is the suitability of different sorts of pipes for particular projects. To make it easier to choose between the usual pipe materials—copper, galvanised and PVC—you need to know the disadvantages and benefits each one offers. Let's take a look at each option in turn. Copper Pipe Copper is the preferred material for new-build dwellings in Australia nowadays. [Read More]