Various Materials Used In the Manufacture of Commercial Doors

Commercial doors are primarily installed in commercial properties such as stores, office premises, schools and more. They are different from residential doors since they have to withstand heavy usage and high traffic. As such, they will typically be constructed differently from residential doors. It should also be noted that commercial doors are subjected to stringent building codes. This is to ensure that they protect against fire, ensure accessibility for disabled persons as well as ensure safe egress. The following are some of the various materials that are used in the manufacture of commercial doors.

Steel doors

These types of doors tend to be hollow as the steel used to manufacture them is wrapped around a core. The core can be made up of resinous honeycomb, foam insulation or comprise steel stiffeners to keep the doors sturdy. Steel doors are primarily used for high-security applications. As such, you will find them installed at mechanical rooms in a commercial building or areas that have heavy-duty applications. Steel doors are characterised by their longevity, making them a durable and economical option when in search of commercial doors.

Aluminium doors

These types of doors are typically installed at entryways of commercial buildings. You may find that they have glass incorporated into them to enhance their aesthetics. Aluminium doors are ideal for property owners who are looking for a sleek, modern design for their doors. Using glass in tandem with the aluminium is also a great way of ensuring natural light streams into your commercial premises. Aluminium doors are a good option if you are looking for low maintenance doors. Since they are located at entryways, they will be exposed to numerous hands. Therefore, selecting doors that would be easy to keep clean would be convenient. It should be noted that aluminium doors do not have a high fire rating.

Fibreglass doors

If you are looking for doors that are both durable as well as attractive, fibreglass doors would be an ideal choice. These doors are typically clear, which makes them a good fit for commercial properties that do not require privacy. This is why they are typically a staple in schools as it is easy to keep an eye on students using these doors. Fibreglass doors are also popular since they are a low maintenance alternative. It should be noted that this material also tends to be one of the most expensive options you could opt for. Nevertheless, it would be a long-term investment for your commercial property.