How Automation of Construction Surveying Can Improve Outcomes

Many technological advances have enabled construction surveying to become easier and more accurate. This article discusses some of the ways through which such technologies can be beneficial to you during the construction of your commercial building.

Site Calibration

Before any construction work can begin, construction surveyors need to stake the different places where various activities will be taking place. For instance, the surveyors need to stake the limits of where excavation work should be done in order to pour a foundation for your commercial building.

Automation can make the task of staking the site easier and quicker. This is because the construction surveyor can input site data from an aerial vehicle (drone) survey into the GPS machine controller so that earthmoving equipment, such as excavators, can start working based on the guidance or coordinates provided by the GPS machine control system.

Records Management

You can also greatly benefit when you employ construction surveyors who use automation as they do their work because it will be easy to obtain accurate records about the different materials used at the construction site.

For instance, the GPS machine control system can keep track of how much fill material is put into the excavated site in order to stabilise the foundation. These records may help you to pay for only the materials that have so far been used at your site. This system can be instrumental in facilitating how you manage the rate at which you release project funds to the contractor.

Quality Assurance

Automation can also help construction surveyors to do a very good job when checking whether the construction project has been done in accordance with projects designs or specifications. For instance, the surveyor can use the 3D model of the structural systems of the commercial building as a yardstick to compare the image of the complete structure or phase of work that was taken using an infrared scanner. Remedial measures, such as additional compaction of fill material, can quickly be taken in case an inconsistency is detected at the completion of a phase of the construction work.

As you can see, you stand to benefit a lot when you select a construction surveyor who uses a blend of traditional construction surveying techniques alongside automated ways to improve accuracy and completion timelines. You should therefore take your time as you screen different construction surveyors in order to identify the individual or firm with the latest automation that is applicable to your project.