Questions You Might Have About Timber Wall Frames

The term "timber wall frames" might be a bit confusing to some persons who are looking to have a new home built, since most homes are built with timber or wood frames. However, timber wall frames refers to just a few large pieces of timber that are attached together to create a frame, as opposed to wall studs and roof joists that are nailed to each other. A standard frame with studs and joists is referred to as stick built, and this wood is covered behind drywall, whereas a timber frame may be left exposed. If you're thinking of having a new house built, note a few questions you might have about timber wall frames and then discuss this option with a builder.

What is a timber wall frame covered with?

A builder doesn't just nail your home's aluminum siding to the timber frame of your house, and you don't need to go without insulation when you keep a timber frame exposed, but usually builders will install what is called structural insulated panels to the outside of the timber frame. These resemble drywall, but the inside layer is a special type of foam core board that adds insulation and noise resistance. This makes your home comfortable while giving the builder a surface on the outside of the home to which he or she will attach siding, brick, and the like.

What is a hybrid timber frame?

This refers to a timber frame that is used on some areas of the home but not others, or is used along with a standard stick-built frame. This is often done because a timber frame is usually more expensive than a stick-built home, or you may already have a stick-built frame in place and simply want to add exposed beams to the roof of the home. You might have a stick-built frame for the back areas of the home but use timber frames for the front of the home; this gives you the look of timber-framed walls without the expense of having your entire house built with timber frames.

What are the finish options for timber frames?

Don't assume that a rustic look you've seen in some timber-framed homes or pubs is the only choice you have; timber frames can be painted or stained a variety of colors and finishes. They can also be left bare and simply sealed for a very natural look. Painting them white can make the space seem more open whereas giving them a rusty red color can make your home seem more traditional; discuss your options with a builder so you find a finish that works for you.