Sump Pump Maintenance Guidelines To Help You Prevent Basement Flooding

If your sump pump becomes faulty, your basement is likely to flood, especially in the rainy season. However, if you keep your sump pump a good working condition, you will minimize the risk of having a flooded basement. Below are essential guidelines that can help you maintain your sump pump in a good condition and avoid recurring failures.

Test Your Sump Pump Regularly

It's best practice to test your sump pump occasionally, so that you can identify a fault early before it escalates into a big problem. So first run a test to check whether your sump pump can start automatically; pour some water into the pit and wait for the pump to start.

If the pump doesn't start, then check the float component and make sure it's fitted properly, advises Robinson Plumbing. You may want to use your pump manual for guidance if you're not sure how to check the float component. Also, you should check the discharge and vent holes for any clogs; make sure you unclog the holes. Otherwise, if you're unable to run the tests, it's best to hire a professional plumber to test the sump pump for you.

Clean Up the Pump Properly

The sump pump collects dirt overtime and it's crucial that you clean it properly to remove the dirt. Remember, the filter screen is the part responsible for sifting dirt and debris and accumulation of particles can clog the screen. So it's advisable to check the filter screen often and clean it if you notice there is accumulation of dirt.

Bob Formisano advises that you should clean up the filter screen about every 3–4 months. Clean the screen by wiping it, preferably with a soft-fabric cloth. After that carry the pump and its drain line outside for cleaning, advises Benjamin Franklin. Detach the drain line and flush the drain with water to remove any debris that may be stuck inside. Lastly, clean up the entire unit thoroughly by flushing it with water; a hose pipe is good enough for the job.

 Check the Pump Battery

It's important that you check the potency of the sump pump battery to avoid unnecessary basement floods resulting from power failure. If you fail to replace the battery as recommended, you may find yourself in a flooded basement because the power backup system of the pump did not work.

The battery acts as a power backup for the sump pump when there is a power outage. Remember that because the battery is not in use throughout you can easily forget to check if it's working. Check the owner's manual for the timelines of battery replacement and mark off a date on your calendar indicating when it's time to replace the battery.

You can prevent basements floods in your home by making sure that the sump pump is working. The tips above can help you maintain your sump pump in a good working condition.