Excavation Accessories You Could Consider For Your Next Landscaping Project

To get your landscaping project completed efficiently and in the shortest time possible, you need to ensure you are using the right tools for the job. A mistake some people make with excavators is assuming that since they are earthmoving equipment, they will meet all your earthmoving needs. Although excavators were typically used in tandem with buckets, the advancement in technology over the years has made them much more versatile if you use them with other accessories. That is why you should select additional attachments, other than buckets, when you are engaging in landscaping on your residence. Here are some of the excavation accessories that you could consider for your next landscaping project.


These types of accessories are characterised by their long teeth, which are typically curved. The elongated teeth are also referred to as tines. Grapples function to handle an array of debris that will come about during the excavation process such as brambles, tree limbs, brush and more. If you have many rocks on your property that you would like to eliminate during the landscaping process, be sure to choose grapples that come with short teeth. These attachments will be heavier than the regular grapples. However, they are stronger, making them capable of handling heavy rocks and stones.


These types of accessories look similar to rollers that have been assembled within a series of wheels. Your choice of compactor will be determined by the overall weight of your excavator. A rule of thumb is that the heavier the excavator you will be using, the wider the compactor should be. Compactors function to compact earth together, hence their name. If you would like additional functionality, such as being able to drive posts into the earth, then you could consider compactors that have a vibratory plate. These are ideal for putting up fences, poles and more on your property.


A pulverizer is characterised by one moveable set of jaws and a stationary back jaw. When in use, the front jaws will collect the debris that you want to crush and smash the materials against the back jaw of the attachment. This type of accessory is ideal if you will be trying to separate concrete from your excavation site. For instance, if you have concrete slabs that you would have to remove before excavating the earth, this would be an ideal accessory for your needs. It should be noted that the size of the pulverizer would have to be matched with the size of your excavator.