Optimising Your Kitchen and Living Area in Your New Home Build

The kitchen and living areas are the hub of most modern homes and the place that you entertain friends and family. It's often the room that you spend the most time in. Building a new house gives you the to chance to build a kitchen and living area that suits your lifestyle. Here are some options to consider when you build your home. 

Direct access from the garage

If you often find yourself struggling into the house with armfuls of grocery bags, the answer might be having the garage directly accessing the kitchen. That way you can drop the shopping right where it needs to be and kids can stop off as they come in after school for a snack and a drink. This means that you can simplify the route through the house and make the home more convenient for day to day living. 

Incorporate a butler's pantry

If you are having friends and family over you may not enjoy having all of your cooking supplies and appliances on display. A butler's pantry gives you somewhere to store the clutter and bulk items that you use to create your meals out of site. It means that you can use your bench space for preparing your meals and keep the kitchen looking picture perfect. Keep your pantry looking good with some easy-to-read labels on the shelves so that everyone puts items back in the right space and keeps the pantry from becoming cluttered. 

Use a scullery sink

As serve up courses of your meals and clean away plates you'll build up a big pile of dirty dishes. This can be unattractive if you are entertaining in the main kitchen. Having a scullery sink, which is kept out of site near the butler's pantry. This means that the guests don't need to see the piles of dirty dishes and can enjoy their meals. It also gives you some space to soak heavy dishes such as roasting pans out of sight so that you don't need to smell the pans all night. 

If you are a regular entertainer having a well-designed kitchen can help to make your kitchen and living area a great place to entertain your friends and family. One of the advantages of building your new home is that you can design the perfect kitchen and living area to suit your family's lifestyle. Why not talk to a builder to discuss the possibilities?