What to Avoid Doing While Waiting for the Emergency Plumber

If you need to call an emergency plumbing company like P1 Plumbing & Electrical, chances are your home is a mess already, with a flooded basement or overflowing toilet or some other type of catastrophe. No doubt the plumber will be there as quickly as possible, but no matter the wait time and no matter how difficult for you, it's good to note a few things you want to avoid doing after the call and before they arrive.

Don't wait to turn off the water and electricity

You may not know where all the water valves are in your home but this doesn't mean you should just allow water to keep flowing through a broken pipe. If the water from the pipe drains the hot water heater, this can fill up and, in turn, more water flows through that broken pipe. The water running through the pipe can also put pressure on other plumbing fixtures.

Turn off as many water valves as possible so you can at least reduce the amount of water flowing into your home rather than waiting for the plumber to do this. It's also good to switch off the electrical circuit in that area even if you don't think the water is getting near an electrical outlet or wiring, just to be safe.

Avoid putting anything into a drain or toilet

Don't assume you'll help out the emergency plumber by trying to tackle a severe clog on your own, and especially if it's overflowing or you try to use foreign objects. Chances are that object will just get stuck in the clog and make their job more difficult. You might also do damage to pipes in the tub or toilet and cause connectors to break; again, their job then gets more difficult. Do what you can to contain a mess, but don't try to manage your own repairs when things are so bad that you need an emergency plumber.

Covering pipes or pushing debris back into a drain

If your bathtub drain has backed up severely, you don't want to think you can clean the mess by pushing it back into the drain; the same is true with a toilet. You also should avoid covering over any burst pipe with tape. These things just put more pressure on a broken pipe or other area of clog and can cause more damage. To clean an overflowing tub or toilet, mop up the mess and dispose of it outside the home. Put a bucket or other container under a burst pipe and then wait for the plumber to do the rest.