Two Tips to Follow When Constructing a Commercial Concrete Car Park

If you've hired some local commercial concrete contractors to build a car park for you, here are some tips to follow.

Tell the contractors at an early stage if you want the car park to have landscaping features

Adding small trees or flowerbeds to a car park is a good way to visually break up the expanse of grey concrete and make this structure more beautiful. If you think you'd like to add some decorative green areas to the car park, you should discuss this with the commercial contractors at an early stage in the development of this structure.

The reason for this is that whilst you might think that this is a simple request and that all you'll need to do is instruct them to, for instance, leave a few circular gaps in the centre of the car park, where you'll be planting some trees, the contractors might actually need to adjust their design a bit and the project budget to accommodate these green areas if you don't mention that you want them before they've begun the planning process.

For example, they will probably need to add kerbing around the areas where you'll be putting soil and planting trees or flowerbeds so that the vehicles that park near these areas don't accidentally damage the greenery by parking or driving too close to it. If this is the case, the contractors will need to design the kerbing and purchase more materials to create it. This could then change the cost of building this car park and result in the timescale having to be altered, too. By telling them that you want these greenery features at the very beginning, it will be easier for them to give you an accurate completion date, as well as accurate cost estimates, at the outset.

Don't book a painter for the line painting for at least a few weeks

The car park won't be ready for use immediately after the commercial concrete contractors finish their work. It may be quite a few weeks after the construction is finished before the concrete sets and it's safe to allow people to park their cars in this area.

Similarly, there is no point in booking a painter to add parking lines to it until you are certain that the concrete has completely hardened and there is no residual moisture in it. If you get this task done too soon, the precise lines that the painter creates may not remain precise, as the paint might seep through the unset concrete or some sections of the paint might not adhere to the ground due to its moisture content. If this happens, you'll have to pay to remove these lines, wait until you're certain the concrete is dry enough to paint, and then repeat this process. Contact commercial concrete contractors for more information.