Suitable Metal Roofing Options for Your Residential or Commercial Building

Every building structure deserves efficient roofing materials that can maintain a strong resistance against harsh weather and corrosion while saving on resources. Out of all roofing options, it's wise to go for metal roofing because it is very strong, reliable and efficient for use on all kinds of commercial and residential buildings. The following are the different available metal roofing options that your roofing specialist can install on your building structure:

Zincalume steel roofing

This combines zinc and aluminium chemical elements and has been improved from zinc coated steel roofing. Its benefits include the anti-corrosion elements that allow for a long lasting performance. Since this roofing can become very hot during the summer, your roofing specialist will recommend you to have a high ceiling to avoid any excessive heat that results from having a hot roof but on a low ceiling house.

Seaside grate steel roofing

This special type of metal roofing is highly recommended for installation on structures that are close to the sea where there is constant salt spray and salt odour in the air. Their durable roofing elements enable the roof to bear severe sea weather conditions, e.g. strong winds and sea storms, while maintaining an attractive look for a long period of time.

Colorbond metallic steel

This is a coated stainless steel roofing material that is well-known for its extra-strength and easy installation on residential buildings. It is commonly used on homes in weather hazards-prone areas. With proper maintenance, they can last for a very long time while remaining energy, cost and weather efficient for you to use. By remaining energy efficient, Colorbond metallic steel roofing enables your house to remain cool under the intensive heat of the sun and also capable of retaining heat during the winter.

Colorbond ultra steel roofing

This is specially designed for industrial roofing because of its ability to withstand the cruel exposure to all kinds of industrial waste, e.g. chemical gases and fumes. It is quite costly for basic homes and that is why it is commonly used for commercial purposes. In addition, it is cost-efficient for small-scale industries that might want to save on roofing maintenance costs for a longer time.

Your metal roofing contractor should help you choose the suitable design and color for your type of building, depending on whether it is residential or commercial. If you want your roof installed correctly and get practical maintenance advice, find a licensed roofing contractor, such as those at Roof Tek Roofing, who is experienced in installing the type of metal roofing you prefer.