3 Reasons Why Your Garage Door Is Jammed

Despite providing regular maintenance to your garage roller door, it can still stick at times.  Whether the door is refusing to open or close, it can be a total nuisance. More worryingly, it poses a security threat if it is stuck open since it not only allows an easy access to your garage but also to your home. Hence you should make a careful assessment as to why your garage door is stuck. The following are some of the common reasons why your garage door is jammed.

Cold Temperature

Cold temperature forces the metals of the door to contract. In effect, this tampers with the alignment in the brackets and makes it hard for the door to slide. Springs and roller doors in particular are more vulnerable to cold temperatures. After undergoing contraction, they strain and eventually break. Dealing with metals that are affected by cold can be complicated. For this reason, you should consider seeking the services of an expert. But you can prevent these kinds of problems in the future by applying lubricants to affected areas.

Faulty Electrical Connections

It is impossible for the door to function automatically if there is something wrong with its electrical system. To test, you must pull the cord that switches off the electricity to the opener. If you find it possible to lift the door after pulling the cord, then there is a problem with the door's electrical system. The cord's color is red in color and hangs down to an easily reachable point while the opener looks like a big box. You may opt to diagnose the opening unit yourself but due to the dangers associated with electricity, it is wiser to contact an expert. Also ensure that the breaker to your garage is not blown. If it is working properly, reset it and run the test again.

Dented Tracks

Dented tracks could be another reason why you have a jammed door. Check the tracks for crimps and dents. If you find some, simply knock them back into shape using a rubber mallet. Use a small piece of wood for support.

Your garage door may also stick due to its old age. You can simply fix the problem by tightening the tension rods. You can spot the rods on the back of your garage door. They run diagonally from the top to bottom corner. Tighten them slowly to give the door some time to adjust to the changes.