Why Screw Pile Foundations Are One Of The Most Reliable Options For Structures In The City

There are many different methods out there for creating the proper foundations for your home, business or construction project. Each has its own merits, but finding the right one for you that will last for decades to come with little issue is no easy choice. After all, the foundation is one of the most important parts of your building, so getting this right is essential. If you have never looked into screw piles before, here are a few reasons why they are so reliable when it comes to building in the city and how they can help you keep your property safe from lots of different dangers.

Both Tensile And Compression Protection

Concrete famously has quite poor tensile strength and a very high compression strength, which means that it can withstand a lot of weight but it does not like being pulled. This can be a problem for areas with high winds, and if you have a large house, your concrete foundations may crack under the tensile strength applied to it. Screw piles, on the other hand, have exceptionally good tensile and compression strength, with the deep roots locking into the earth and making sure the foundation cannot be pulled out or pushed further in. They are locked in place, like regular screws would be when you place them in wood or metal. 

Easy To Install In Crowded Places

Sometimes your environment will dictate what type of foundations you can have, especially in more urban environments where surrounding structures mean you do not have much room to work with. Screw piles are very simple to install, as you only need a small machine to drill them into the earth. There is no laying of concrete, no need to dig out the soil and very few technicians needed to supervise it. If you are starting work on a building in the city, screw piles will be one of your better options for foundations.

Non-Destructive Installation

In addition to being able to fit around other buildings and construction material, screw piles are drilled into the earth with minimal disturbance to the surrounding people and buildings. While digging bore holes for other piers and laying tonnes of concrete will certainly cause a lot of movement and vibration, which can be dangerous for older homes around you, screw piles are very quiet and unintrusive. Your neighbours might not even realise you are having your foundation piles drilled into the earth while it is happening! If you are in a particularly old or threatened neighbourhood, screw piles might be your only choice for deep and long-lasting foundations.