Five Tips for Dealing With Waste When You Are Excavating a Building Site

If you are building a structure and you plan to excavate the site first, you will need to make a plan to decide what to do with all the waste you are going to generate from the site. Wondering what you can do? Take a look at these tips:

1. Make a plan to reintegrate as much as possible.

When looking over your site, carefully consider how you could creatively reuse some of the elements you plan to excavate. First, imagine how you could reuse excavation elements within your own project. For example, if you need to move a lot of dirt to create a level plot for your building, you may want to find ways to incorporate that fill dirt into your landscaping, such as creating small hills or swells around the building itself. Similarly, if you plan to smash up a large piece of concrete through the excavation process, you may want to consider recycling that concrete into a patio or a unique walkway.

2. Think about recycling.

In addition to reusing things in your own project, try to identify items that could be recycled for other people. For example, if the excavation crew is removing any nice trees, consider donating them to a nearby park or to a local charity that builds houses for people. Taking steps like this adds a bit of a time burden to your project, but it reduces what you send to the landfill.

3. Look for innovative solutions.

The problem of what to do with waste generated at excavation sites is not new, and every day people are trying to come up with innovative solutions. While deciding what to do with the waste at your excavation site, look for innovative solutions. There's almost always something new being developed. For example, right now, you can hire a tiny little booth for your excavation site. This booth contains a machine that accepts some of the debris from the site such as dirt, rocks and so on, and then, it creates sturdy, concrete blocks you can use whilst building.

4. Hire a skip.

If you are doing a small excavation project on your own, you need to hire a skip. The rubbish company drops it off, you fill it up and they pick it up. It provides a simple and easy solution for the waste generated.

5. Hire someone to make a site waste management plans.

However, if you are engaged in a large excavation project with a professional excavation crew, you may want to hire someone to do a site waste management plan. You can consult with that individual to help integrate your goals related to recycling. Then, they can take care of everything else for you.