Building a tiny house you can live in comfortably

The tiny house movement is taking off as more people embrace the idea of living with less stuff and having smaller homes. This can be a good way to save money and have a simpler lifestyle. Here are some things to incorporate into your small house design. 

Multifunctional areas

Rather than having an area like a bedroom which is primarily used for 8 hours at night and sits unused the rest of the day, you can combine multiple areas by using the area smartly. This can include a loft bed that sits over a living area or Murphy bed that folds up into a wall during the day. This can allow you to use the same area for multiple uses. Window sills can easily become seats for reading and lounging around. 

Digitise your memories

People often collect gifts, photos and other memories in a  physical form. In a small house, it is not practical to keep these items in a physical form. Instead take photos of your experiences and store them in a digital form so that you can access them whenever you want, either from your own home or other locations. It can limit the amount of space that you need.

Using an electronic reader can also be a good way to save space that you might have used for books. 

Change your cooking processes

Having a range of kitchen appliances can also be impractical. Luckily most of the functions of kitchen appliances can be duplicated with cooking techniques and knife skills, providing you show some patience. Make an effort to learn about other ways to cook so that you can pare down the kitchen space that you need to the bare essentials. 

Make the most of the light

In order for a tiny house not to feel cramped, it's a good idea to have big windows that lead out into the yard. You can double or triple glaze these so that you stay comfortably warm or cool year round. Skylights can also help a small house to feel more spacious. 

If you want to explore the idea of living in a small house, it can be a good idea to talk to a construction company with experience in building and designing innovative homes. Seeing the previous designs of tiny houses can let you see how the company has dealt with other small house builds and how they tackle common space-related issues to make comfortable homes.