Why a Slot Drain May Be Better Than a Grated Drainage System

Some prospective owners of meat processing plants may be wondering about which kind of heavy-duty drainage system may be suitable for their processing facilities. This article discusses why a slot drainage system may be better than a grated system. Use this information to make an informed decision as you select a heavy-duty drainage system.

Lower Installation Costs

Slotted drainage systems may be more affordable to install when compared to grated drainage systems. This is because the slot system is prefabricated. The sections can be shipped and installed within a short time. This can lower the cost of labour during the installation process. Conversely, grated systems are labour-intensive due to the need to make forms into which concrete is poured to create the drainage channel. Grates are then installed over the channel. This high installation cost may drain the budget of your project.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Grated systems may be frequently blocked by debris. Such debris must be cleaned out regularly in order to keep the system working. Additionally, heavy traffic may cause the grates to break or bend. Such defects may be costly to repair. However, slot drain systems require minimal maintenance. This is because their smooth channels do not trap debris. The small slots at the surface of the system are also less susceptible to being damaged by vehicular traffic. You may also need less labour to clean the system because the system does not have heavy grates that need to be lifted during cleaning operations.

Better Aesthetics

Grated drainage systems can become an eyesore at a meat processing facility. This is more likely as the wide grates start wearing out due to the impact of heavy traffic moving over them. Frequent cleaning activities eventually cause them to fade and look unattractive. This can be avoided by installing a slot drainage system. The system is neater because only the linear slots are visible on the surface. Furthermore, the system is designed from durable materials, such as stainless steel and fibreglass. Such materials retain their attractive appearance for a very long time.

As you can see, slot heavy-duty drainage systems have several advantages over grated systems. However, you may need to talk to a professional before you choose a specific system for your meat processing facility. This is because there may be technical issues, such as the load capacity and chemical resistance of different slot systems, which may need to be considered when designing a drainage system for your facility.