Different Methods You Could Employ For DIY Stump Removal

If you have a tree stump in your yard, it is recommended by professional arborists to have it removed. This is because there are a myriad of hazards that this stump could present such as pest infestations, physical harm, decay and more. Typically, for efficient stump removal, it would be best to enlist professional tree services. These will ensure that the stump is removed in its entirety thus eliminating any risks that it could have posed in your yard. However, there are some homeowners who may want to engage in DIY stump removal. It should be noted that if these DIY methods do not work, it is best to enlist professional tree services to finish the job for you. Here are some of the different methods that you could employ for DIY stump removal.

Chemical methods

There are a number of chemical products that are stocked at local home and garden stored to eliminate leftover tree stumps. These chemicals hasten the decomposition process in a tree stump. To use these chemicals, you first have to drill some holes into the stump. Once you have the holes, mix the chemical with some water and pour the mixture into the drilled holes. These chemicals are typically high in nitrogen.

The nitrogen works in expediting the growth of bacteria that will help in the decomposition process. Once the stump starts becoming soft and mulchy due to decaying from the inside, it is easier for you to break it up using a pickaxe and extricate it from the ground. It should be noted that children and pests should be kept a safe distance away from the stump during the duration of the chemical decomposition.

Mechanical methods

The other method you could consider for DIY stump removal is using a stump grinder. This is a type of heavy equipment machinery that has a circular blade. To begin, use a saw to cut down the tree stump as low as possible. Once this is done, the grinder is placed atop the tree stump and when it is switched on, the blade chops it down in a circular motion.

It should be noted that using this mechanical method requires you to wear safety gear to ensure you are not harmed by stray pieces of wood that fly around during the grinding process. Additionally, it is important to ensure that there are no rocks or any other forms of hard debris at the base of the stump, as these can damage the stump grinder's blade.